Blog Spotlight: The Bachelor secrets revealed?

I’m stunned by all these spoilers I’ve heard about what is to come on The Bachelor. I just finished posting yesterday about how highly I regard Jason Mesnick but this may all turn around if this series of events are true. LAST CHANCE, IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS DO NOT READ THIS POST!! Reality Steve must be getting major link love today due to all the gossip he is uncovering on Jason and the folks over at ABC. So let’s get down to the juicy parts. Reality Steve is claiming that a huge injustice is going to happen to Melissa. Check it out: Jason chose Melissa in New Zealand. No reshoots, no editing, no nothing. All you sleuthers figured it out from Day 1. Which you were supposed to. That’s why I said ABC knew exactly what they were doing when they released the hand with the freckles and the pinky ring and all that stuff. Do you really think they’d make it that easy for you to know he proposes to Melissa in the finale? Just because it was Melissa in New Zealand, didn’t mean you knew the final one now. There’s your love story that they want you to believe. From day one, they’re gonna make it seem like it was Jason and Melissa. She visits him in Seattle. They’re working on a relationship, she’s the lucky girl. But from the beginning, they’ve been planning a shocking ending. And that shocking ending happens to come at the expense of Melissa. Right now, Jason and Melissa are not together. The first “After the Final Rose” was filmed in late January. In the videos, I reference that it was filmed either Fri, Jan 23rd, or Sat, Jan. 24th. I’ve since been corrected. Pretty much the only thing I’ve been wrong about. It was actually done the Sunday before on the 18th. I found out a week later on the 25th, made some calls, sent some emails, and ran with this “exclusive” news on the night of Jan. 27th, as you can clearly see in the blog. What happens at the “ATFR”? Jason ends his engagement with Melissa, and begins a relationship with Molly. I wasn’t there, I don’t know what was said, or who it was said to, but at the taping, Jason dumped Melissa (which will be shown on national television to us) and begins dating Molly. Was there a proposal to Molly? As far as I know, on that date back in January, there was not a proposal. But currently, as we speak, Jason and Molly are together and have been for a while (which I will get to in a minute). The reason the 2nd “ATFR” was added? I’m guessing to tell us about Jason and Mollys relationship, probably let us know how great she is with Ty, get a reaction from Melissa, and, this is just a guess, but I think Jason will propose to Molly on the “ATFR 2″, if he hasn’t already. That’s complete speculation on my part. But the reason there’s an “ATFR 2″ is because they need to update people on how Jason and Molly are doing. ABC will present this whole scenario as Jason just changed his mind after thinking this over long and hard. I’m here to tell you I have every reason to believe he didn’t. This was all set in motion from the very beginning that there would be a storyline of: If you want to be with Molly, then you have to pick Melissa. We will have a breakup on the “ATFR”, where you’ll dump Melissa, and say you want to start dating Molly. That’s what you’ll get the night of the finale. Here’s where I believe this whole story was fabricated. Does Jason really know about everything and is probably a bit of an asshole? BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Some of you might ask, “Why would Molly take him back?” Here’s where I can tell you where the season became a soap opera and is the best answer I can give you. From everything I’ve heard, I have been led to believe that this season was NEVER, EVER about Melissa. It’s always been about Molly. Jason and Molly’s connection was stronger than anyone elses in the house, everyone knew it, but they couldn’t just play that the whole season because it wouldn’t have been interesting. So they concocted a storyline of, “Let him pick Melissa, and let us have a break up on the ‘ATFR’, something we’ve never done before, AND have him start his relationship with Molly.” I’d say that’s shocking. Why? Because it’s never happened before, and this whole idea of Jason being “wonderful single dad looking for love” would never be disputed because, well, my God, Jason Mesnick would never agree to such a thing. Ummmmm, he did. Some point during the season, it was established Jason and Molly were THE couple. I’ve been led to believe it was perfectly obvious to them that it was him and her, and Melissa was a distant 2nd. So what does the show do? Something they’ve never done before. They have the Bachelor dump his final one at the “ATFR”, and start dating the woman he dumped in the finale, which is Molly. But as you’ll see, I’m going to be right about everything else. So I find it incredibly believable, that Jason was approached with this scenario to generate, buzz, ratings, etc and he agreed to it. You ask what I couldn’t wrap my head around? Well, that Jason agreed to this. But hey, he was doing what he was told which would make for a bombshell of an ending to the season. Fleiss saying, “Just when you think it’s over, it’s not.” Well, here’s your proof. You’ll think it’s over when Jason proposes to Melissa in New Zealand, but its not since he dumps her two months later at the “ATFR” so he can start seeing Molly. All I can say is, “WOW!” If this guy has the truth then I’m gonna be pissed off! How could Jason and ABC not have any feelings towards hurting Melissa. I hope someone releases a statement or that this season ends differently. I feel really bad for Mel. 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