Blog Spotlight: The City: In Case You Missed Episode 6

Hi all! Sorry I've been missing for a little. This weekend was my sister Ashley's fiance's birthday, as well as her 27th birthday, so there was a lot of family time and celebrating!!! I came home and surprised Ash for the weekend!!!!

I'm heading back to New York tomorrow evening and I'm definitely sad to leave my family, but so excited to get back!

Anyway, I wanted to take this time to free write a bit about all the drama that went down on last night's episode of The City.

In He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend, the conflict continued between Allie and Adam. Jay and Adam threw an art gallery opening event at Collective Hardware and the party had a huge turnout! Everyone made an appearance, including Samantha's friend Catarina, who decided after a lunch chat with Samantha that it would be best to confront Allie and let her know EXACTLY what happened between her and Adam.

After hearing what Catarina had to say, Allie ran to the bathroom in tears with Adam not far behind. The two of them left the party and after arguing briefly outside went their separate ways.

Later on in the episode, Jay and I discussed the situation in my apartment. Jay had faith in his friend and chose to trust that Adam wouldn't betray Allie like that. I on the other hand was a bit more skeptical.

In the final scene, Adam and Allie met for dinner at Mercer bar. Adam desperately tried to convince Allie that Catarina was making up the entire thing. Allie chose to listen to her heart and believe Adam. Read more

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