Blog Spotlight: 'The Goode Family': Mike Judge's Disappointing New Comedy

At my recent college reunion, my friends and I were confronted by water-conserving toilets that invited you to either pull the handle up or push the handle down, which resulted in a stronger or weaker flush in accordance with what the posted signs termed "your needs." I'm no stranger to the fact that there is much amusement to be had at the expense of the most self-consciously noble ideas.

Still, The Goode Family, the new animated comedy from Mike Judge that premieres tonight on ABC, mines surprisingly few laughs from its subject: the environmentally fanatical, hypersensitive vegans of the title. (The marketing makes heavy use of the term "politically correct," which has pretty much lost all meaning at this point due to overuse, but that's the idea.)


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Jul 05, 2009
I like the Goode family