Blog Spotlight: THE JETSONS SEASON 2 VOLUME 1 DVD Review

THE JETSONS lied to us.

Today, there are no flying cars. You can’t fold up your vehicle into a briefcase when you get to work. Moving walkways aren’t making getting around easier. Robots don’t do our bidding.

There are no Spacely Sprocket or Cogswell Cog type industries around. Heck, manufacturing like that was outsourced decades ago.

Still, the TV screens? We sort of see that today. They aren’t holograms, but they’ve certainly improved since the days when THE JETSONS first aired.

When the show began, airing for one season from 1962 to 1963, it was a more adult series. Not that it was risque, just that it was a show, like THE FLINSTONES or THE SIMPSONS, that was watched by adults as well as kids. ,a href=''>Read more

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Nov 11, 2009
They do have moving walkways dude. Granted they are not everywhere. But they have them at airports.