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Blog Spotlight: The Next Food Network Star #6: Party Down

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Tonight's episode of The Next Food Network Star saw the flamboyant and fabulous Michael (#5 and at the bottom of my list of contestants last week) being sent home by the judges. I wasn't surprised by this--especially after he stuck his foot in his own mouth by telling the judges that he liked crowds and not the camera. Oops! Really bad move, mister. And it cost him dearly--although everyone already knew of his rocky relationship with the camera. Also, while the rest of the gang worried about the slow food service during the South Beach Party they were catering, Michael spent almost the entire night having a ball as the bartender. Well, actually Debbie was only concerned about her own h'ors deouvres, which all the judges raved about. The girl can cook, BUT the unattractive side of her that we saw in the first episode returned last night.


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