Blog Spotlight: The Price Is What?

If I may offer a counter-example to my own “the monoculture is doing just fine” post of yesterday, there’s one example of a grand national unifier that strikes me as less unifying every time I watch. That would be The Price Is Right. I’ve been watching The Price Is Right off and on since I was a kid, and I’ve watched it more lately because my son is a game show fanatic. He’s watched every episode on my four-DVD Price Is Right set multiple times, and over the summer he watched the Drew Carey-hosted version just about every day. When I was a young man, I was pretty good at gauging what everything should cost on The Price Is Right, and even now when I watch the ‘70s episodes, I can roughly estimate the cost of a car or a gazebo or a box of Noodle Dinner. But when it comes to the current show? Man, I have no idea what pricetag to stick on anything.


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