Blog Spotlight: The Rest of those Crazy SBTB Kids

For some reason, TBS insists on showing Saved By The Bell episodes out of order, so I never know, when I flip the channel on at seven a.m. every Monday through Friday, if I'm going to get an episode at Malibu Sands, one in which Zack's voice hasn't quite dropped yet, or one where the gang is co-habitating at Cal U. About once a week, it has proven to be the latter, though, and I have fallen in love with the slightly more mature gang even more now that I am old enough to appreciate the traditions and pitfalls that comes with being on a college campus. When the show was originally airing, I was somewhat reluctant to let go of the locker-filled hallways of Bayside, because that was what was comfortable and what I knew. I didn't want to embrace these new girls out of my loyalty to Lisa and Jessie-- Lark and Elizabeth-- but now, they seem like the type with whom I'd want to spend a Saturday night-- or a Friday morning, as it were. Read More

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