Blog Spotlight: The 'Top Chef' Reunion Airs Tonight...Do You Care?

It's interesting -- "Top Chef" had its best ratings ever this season but everyone I know who's a long-time fan of the show haaated this crop of chefs and thought Hosea's win was more of a fluke than a triumph. Has the show jumped the shark? Let's just say it might as well have gone out in a "Blais" of glory. Okay, sorry for the terrible pun while you might be eating your lunch.

Anyway, I couldn't care less about tonight's reunion show. Did Leah and Hosea break up with their significant others so they could get it on for real this time? How about Carla's spirit guides? Has Jamie given up scallops for Lent? Read more

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Mar 19, 2009
I thought it was interesting that they aired the reunion at midnight. What was the deal with that? Hosea, a guy who just trash talked relentlessly throughout the season (while Stefan really didn't care), winning the show just took away a lot from the season. His win was a lot like Ilan Hall winning the show on Season 2. Hosea will make his one cameo appearance on season 6, and hopefully we'll never have to see his face again.

At the reunion, I thought they could have taken a moment to address the show badly putting the blame on Casey for Carla's loss. I don't think the chefs or even the audience really blamed Casey, but the show and how it was edited, surely made it look like Carla was blaming Casey. This kinda took away from the integrity of the show a bit.

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