Blog Spotlight: 'Top Chef Masters,' Ep. 5: Junk Food, a Big Dinner, a New Way of Looking at Panna Cotta

Quickfire Challenge: Remake Junk Food

Ah, very Fancy Fast Food. How accidentally of the moment. As a Bravo tie-in, the cast and crew of Flipping Out—who often eat junk food on the show—will be judging. (You know, this doesn't really make me want to watch Flipping Out. Also: Really? We go from Doogie Howser to these clowns?)

Oh, wait. They're not using actual junk food to make something? They're just doing haute junk food? Eh. Not as challenging or as interesting. The whole high-brow low-end thing is nothing new.

Chiarello chooses to remake fish sticks; Moonen, corn dogs; Norén, fried shrimp; and Patterson, hot dogs.


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