Blog Spotlight: Top Chef NYC; Season Five Recap. I’m not too pleased…

This Wednesday, dedicated foodies will gather around their televisions to watch what is usually the most anticipated Top Chef episode of each season: the announcing of the Final Four. For Season 5, however, it’s just not the same. After the elimination of Jamie last episode, the show has lost a lot of appeal; it’s now a no-brainer that Stefan will win.

There are several ideas floating around the Internet pinpointing why this season fell short. Most believe that the show’s downfall is rooted in a poor job casting, and that the auditions didn’t allow for the cream to really rise to the top, so to speak. Spike, a contestant who made it to the top five last season, said “the show should have just ended with season four,” and the participants in the Craft Challenge didn’t have anything kind to say either; “as a potential candidate who did not make the show, it offends me to eat this food,” said one participant. Yikes. But nonetheless, even if this season’s contestants were somewhat lackluster on the whole, there were definitely some standouts. A lack of talent shouldn’t be the main cause for blame. Personally, I think the reason this season went awry was more due to a combination of ill-designed challenges and some ridiculous calls by the judges. Read more

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