Blog Spotlight: Top Chef Recap: Big Easy Semis

In this episode of Top Chef recap, we discuss Bravo’s “bring-em-back-just-to-cut-em-loose-again” strategy, Fabio’s clothing choices, Toby’s unceremonious departure, and Emeril’s surprising judging awesomeness.

So, we’re now in the semi-finals. In New Orleans. We don’t know how much time has passed, but enough for everyone to study up on Cajun and Creole cuisine and to get haircuts. Fabio appears at the airport with a mo/faux hawk, and as Hosea rightly notes, this was going to be the first season of Top Chef without a mohawk until Fabio shaved one in for the semis. That combined with his pink scarf made for a bold fashion move in NOLA. Stefan is back, looking constipated and the same. Hosea also looks the same. Carla comes bouncing in, dancing to the sad two-piece airport band, and she’s looking spiffed-up too. All are ready to win Top Chef. They head to some goregeous plantation hotel and there is Padma, Tom, and Emeril Lagasse, New Orleans restaurateur and huge Food Network television star.

I’ve never been accused of having a great memory. But darn, if Bravo doesn’t get me every time when they bring the former cheftestants back to compete again. I’m never expecting to see their faces, and yet, there they are. That’s what happened last night–suddenly Leah (ick), Jeff (hot), and Jamie (yay!) are all standing in front of the plantation house, looking fully made-up and highlighted. Padma reveals that the Quickfire will actually be for them; they’ll be competing for a place in the semis. Hosea is like, “OMFG, seriously? More Leah?? Awk-ward.” Carla is happy! Fabio curses unintelligibly. Stefan probably rolls his eyes and says how great he is, but I didn’t catch it. Read more

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