Blog Spotlight: Top Chef - Top Quarterback

Suppose there was a reality show called "Top Quarterback" in which various high school football players competed to win a year’s supply of jockstraps and an invitation to Hugh Hefner’s 4th of July party. Now imagine a challenge in which the remaining contestants got to play in the Super Bowl. This week’s elimination challenge was a bit like that: Cooking at Le Bernardin is the culinary equivalent of playing in the Super Bowl.

Voted the 20th best restaurant in the world by Restaurant magazine, Le Bernardin has held on to its four-star rating in The New York Times for longer than anyone else and is one of only four places in the city to be awarded three Michelin stars. For professional chefs, the kitchen at Le Bernardin is hallowed ground — the sort of place that most of them can only dream about working in — so my heart goes out to the six contestants who participated in last night’s challenge. I can only imagine the pressure they were under. Read more

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