Blog Spotlight: Top Chef’s Ladies Are An Embarrassment

I realized I hadn't put up a recap of last week's Top Chef, which is probably because I was trying to scrub that pitiful episode from my memory. From the lame battle of the sexes challenge to the inappropriate grumbling from the lesbian contestants to the poor showing from the women, this episode was filled with fail.

First, the quickfire. The M Resort graciously donated some more fake casino money to the Top Chef cause and raised the stakes; the winner would now receive $15,000 for their 30 minute creation. I could faintly hear every other Top Cheftestant from the other seasons kicking themselves in the pants for not waiting until the Vegas season. Michael Voltaggio, who won with his liquid nitrogen gazpacho, said it best: he could be kicked off and still win, since he now had 15 grand. In casino chips.


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