Blog Spotlight: Web Soup vs Tosh.0

E!’s Friday-night favorite The Soup has all-but-perfected the art of cherry-picking the lowlights of a week’s worth of trash TV and presenting it in a package that’s cohesive, coherent and funny. Their “lone guy stands on a skimpy set and makes puckishly ironic comments about video excerpts” model has now superseded VH1’s “assorted comedians and semi-celebs spew sarcasm about everything that crosses their view-screen regardless of actual quality” model. One of the reasons I prefer The Soup to pretty much every one of those VH1 clipfests is that The Soup has a more carefully constructed point-of-view, personified and delivered by the focused, likable Joel McHale. The VH1 bunch has always seemed like they’d mock anything for a paycheck, whether they had an actual opinion about it or not. Whereas McHale and his writing staff actually appear to care about what they’re attacking—and why. Read More

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