Blog Spotlight: What If Nurse "HawthoRNe" Were White and "Nurse Jackie" Were Black?

Tonight will mark a little bit of television history. That's because "HawthoRNe" starring Jada Pinkett Smith will premiere on TNT. "HawthoRNe" is an hour long drama about a widowed, single Mom who's the Chief Nursing Officer at a Richmond, Virginia hospital. She's caring, compassionate, and though a little unconventional, she's a woman who follows the rules but doesn't take any crap. Nurse Hawthorne is black.

A couple of weeks ago I did a review of Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" starring Edie Falco. It's about a caring, compassionate, more than a little unconventional nurse who also doesn't take any crap, but has no problem breaking the rules. She's addicted to pain meds, has illicit sex at the hospital and is not above forging the odd organ donor card, among other things if she thinks it's for the greater good. Nurse Jackie is white.

The history comes in because Jada Pinkett is only the third black woman to headline her own television drama.


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