Blog Spotlight: Would YOU Go the Jon and Kate Route?

TLC -- home to the record-breaking (and, of late, heart-breaking) Jon & Kate Plus 8 -- is apparently seeking more families of multiples for television adventures, US Weekly reported today, citing a Craigslist ad: "We would capture the birth of the babies and witness their amazing first breath, first cry, and all the emotions that go along with such an incredible occasion. Then, TLC will be there as you leave the hospital and adjust to your first few days at home as a family."


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Jun 30, 2009
I would put my family on TV like Jon and Kate, Table For 12 etc.. but only if it would benefit my kids.. when it stops benefiting my kids I will finish the current contract and call it quits.. People who say that Jon and Kate or any show like that is exploiting their kids is full of crap.. we really don't know why the parents did what they did. Plus with all the rumors of Jon and Kate floating around.. the mag articles he said she said.. the only real stuff I can belive it what was said on TLC

I am glad they are taking a break and taking some time to get this wrapped up. I am glad that they are continuing the show contact or no contract its the one thing the kids have that is a constant in their life. I think it takes two people to kill a marriage. Yes Kate admitted she has been hard on Jon and Jon admits he did not stand up for himself enough but there is more going on that we don't see. Leave them alone. Watch the show for your own reasons and stop the rumors.

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