Boardwalk Empire is Like... A Game of Monopoly?

Let the Boardwalk Empire parodies begin.

According to Neil Patrick Harris, Ted's new love interest on How I Met Your Mother could be malicious! Ouch.

I know Tim Gunn has been flapping his gums all over town for the last few weeks, but I'm just not quite tired of him yet.

The best thing about Running Wilde is that Will Arnett is everywhere now.

Take a tour of Finn's room on Glee with the real Cory Monteith.


... Entertainment Weekly made this list of the best TV and movie elevator scenes.

... The Live Feed decided to judge all of the ads for fall TV premieres. Actually, that sounds really fun.

... And so Outsourced creator Ken Kwapis continues defending his really racist show.

... Last Call with Carson Daly is going to focus on music from now on.

... David Letterman went back to his alma mater Ball State to talk about Twitter... sort of.

... This is what the Glee kids look like as Springfield residents.

... E!'s Kristin Dos Santos asks a valid question: Who will be the next Mrs. Don Draper?

... Warning: This Chuck clip may turn you on a little.

... I think we can all agree that the new cast of Hawaii Five-0 is way hotter than the original one.

... It was only a matter of time before someone compared Jersey Shore and Boardwalk Empire.

... In celebration of Undercovers, here is a list of the best TV spy couples.

... io9 is showing some love to everyone's favorite forgotten sci-fi show: Roswell!

... Here's what's coming up next on Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

... How do Nielsen ratings work, exactly?

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that's a great list of elevator scene
agreed with FoeHammer225, Boardwalk Empire was absolutely amazing. So parody was not entertaining at all.
That Boardwalk Empire parody was terrible. Not funny at all.
neilsen ratings are a joke, until everybody participates, i don't see how it accurately rates anything. i used to watch Roswell, ireally liked it. funny to think of Heigl and Emilie de Raven and Shiri Appleby back then

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