Boardwalk Empire: Watch the Season 3 Trailer (VIDEO)

Hey there, buddy. There are Boardwalk Empire Season 2 spoilers—big ones—in here, so if you're not caught up but are thinking of checking it out, watch this trailer for the Under the Boardwalk, a Monopoly documentary, instead of clicking play on the trailer below.

Remember the Season 2 finale of HBO's Boardwalk Empire? It was totally shocking! Nucky Thompson taught his protégé Jimmy a lesson in being a gangster: You might get shot. He illustrated this wisdom by shooting Jimmy to death, thus making one of the ballsiest calls in cable history.

Boardwalk Empire's third season starts September 16, and Nucky will be dealing with the fallout of killing Jimmy. The new promo for Season 3 indicates that it won't be a fun ride, with lots of other problems all coming about in the aftermath of the murder. And I thought murder was easy! Shoot, and problem solved!

Artsiness! Rain! Wilting! Lightning! Slippery wedding rings! Splashes!

It appears that Nucky's going hard-ass and taking the advice he once gave Jimmy: You can't go half gangster. (Now someone go tell that to Dr. Dre, please.)

Boardwalk Empire returns for Season 3 on September 16 at 9pm on HBO.

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Jul 31, 2012
Can't wait!!
Jul 31, 2012
HBO's second best drama currently airing (Game of Thrones). A lot of people might have tuned out after the slow-burn that is the first season. Season 2 was fantastic though. Hope more are willing to return and catch up.

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