Bob Barker takes bids for last time

One of the most revered game show hosts of all time is making his last appearance today, as Bob Barker taped his final episode as host of The Price is Right in Los Angeles.

His retirement from show business has attracted several die-hard fans, reports the Associated Press. Dozens of people have been camped out in front of the studio where the show is filmed in hopes of being witness to the legend's final appearance.

"I'd rather win a couch from Bob Barker than a million dollars from Howie Mandel (host of Deal or No Deal," one fan told the AP. "[Barker is] part of American culture."

The 83-year-old began hosting The Price is Right in 1972 and has done so ever since, making the show the longest-running game show in daytime history. Barker first appeared on television as host of Truth or Consequences in 1956 and made cameo appearances in several television shows and movies, such as the Adam Sandler comedy Happy Gilmore in 1996.

The octogenarian announced his retirement from the show last October. The final episode of Bob-Barker-era The Price is Right, which Barker believes will be "a sentimental hour," is scheduled to air on June 15.

No successor to Barker's role as host has been named yet, but actor George Hamilton, Entertainment Tonight cohost Mark Steines, and Las Vegas The Price is Right stage show host Todd Newton have been rumored to be front-runners for the job.

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