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Bob Saget Might Soon Be Knocking On Your Door

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...Lorraine Bracco, long the head-shrinking consigliere of Tony Soprano, is coming back to cable TV as Angie Harmon's mom in that Rizzoli pilot for TNT. The character is described as a woman who "despite her tough Boston exterior is a beautiful woman, loyal wife and mother of three." Wait. I didn't realize that a tough Boston exterior and all those other things usually implied mutual exclusivity. You can be from Boston and be beautiful! I mean, it's rare, but it happens. Loyal wife? Sure, if Sully doesn't get grabby down the bah. And mother of three? Hellooo, Catholics. [THR]

...TV's one-time favorite dad turned TV's filthy uncle Bob Saget continues to have a peculiar, and peculiarly prolific, career. He's next set to star in a unscripted A&E; show called Bob Saget's Strange Days, about the actor walking around a near-apocalyptic 1999 futurescape, trying to help Ralph Fiennes and Angela Basset solve a mystery. Oh, wait, no. It's actually about the actor traveling the country and mixing it up with fringe-living real-life people. People like "biker gangs, Amish teenagers, mail-order brides and survivalist cults." Oh man. That Amish teenagers episode is going to get so many people arrested, isn't it? [Variety]

...Serene young actress Abigail Spencer just finished up playing Don's hippie-teacher love interest/spirit guide on Mad Men, and now she'll be joining David Tennant and Jeffrey Tambor in the much-inked-about new pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. She'll play a headstrong young lawyeress and Tennant's main squeeze. She may or may not be barefoot. [THR]

...So Nickelodeon is working on a comedy pilot simply called Summer Camp about, yes, a sleep-away summer camp. Why don't they just call it what it really is, Salute Your Shorts: The Next Generation? Let's hope there will be new iterations of Ug, and Donkey Lips, and Z.Z. Ziff. Oh I loved that show. I hold it in my heart. And when I think about it, it makes me want to... fart! There, I said it. I finally said it. Fart. The censorship is over. [THR]

...Exciting! Thinking-person's hot stuff Justin Theroux (who acted on Sex and the City and Six Feet Under and wrote Tropic Thunder... hey that rhymed!), will be joining the cast of NBC's criminally undervalued sitcom Parks & Recreation. He'll be a buddy of Nurse Ann's and a possible beau for Lonely Leslie. I can totes get behind this. [EW]

...Someone has left House and she doesn't know why. Or he doesn't know why. No spoilers here! [E!]

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