Bondi Vet nurses all species

Dr -->Chris Brown--> says his show is underlined by medicine, treating the people as much as the animals.

Now that Bondi Vet is into its second season, Dr -->Chris Brown--> is hoping that audiences recognise life as a TV vet isn't all glamour and surf. It's very little of it, in fact, despite that Brown looks to have a bit of a "charmed life" in those opening credits.

Brown, who has his own veterinarian practice in Bondi, says the TEN series showcases both drama and fun so that it isn't too confronting. But it is underlined by medicine.

"I think initially certainly I think the viewing audience probably didn't know what to expect from a show called Bondi Vet. As the series went on though the audience certainly realised there was genuine emotion and genuine passion," he says.

"It's a very real look at what it's like to be a vet and be on call every night for six or seven months. There's a lot of stuff that's done at night at 3 o'clock in the morning where I get a call and call up the crew and away we go."

When listening to people talk about their pets, Brown gleans a lot about the relationship between animal and owner.

"I always say as a vet you're treating the people as much as the animals. The bond most people have with their animals is such a huge part of the treatment process and you've got to take that into account the whole time. You're nursing them through the process as much as you're nursing the animal. I hope people probably engage with the people as much as they do with the animal story."

Once again accompanied by Dr Lisa Chimes, this season has everything from dogs, cats and birds to an alligator (at a wildlife park) and the surprise discovery of a python.

"There's a story of a grandmother and her grand kids in a swimming pool and she sees what she thinks is a frog in a skimmer box, so she gets the kids out of the pool and lifts up the lid and it's a four-metre long python!" he says.

"So we had to go out and pull this python out of the swimming pool and that wasn't easy."

But in filming the stories for the show, Brown says the animals take priority over a television show.

"We have a rule that we won't ever compromise the animal's safety for the sake of the story. I'll still do an emergency if the crew can't get there in time."

Bondi Vet airs 7:30pm Thursdays on TEN.

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