Bones: Ding Dong, the 'Digger's Dead

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I try to avoid words like amazing and mind-blowing because they’re way over-used. But Thursday’s Bones was both of those things. Someone’s mind was literally blown, and the resulting footage was quite amazing. It was also really gross.

The “someone” in question was, of course, the Gravedigger, a.k.a. Heather Taffet (Deirdre Lovejoy). On her way to her final death-sentence appeal, a sniper blew her brains out and caused a frenzy outside of the courthouse. And just like that, the Gravedigger saga came to an abrupt end. (For Lovejoy's sake, let’s all try to remember her as a no-nonsense attorney instead of a headless corpse, shall we?)

Except the saga is not quite over. It can't be: The sniper, Jacob Broadsky (Arnold Vosloo), is also Booth’s (David Boreanaz) former mentor, and he’s scheduled to return to the show for a few more episodes this season. But why? What could he possibly want from Booth?

And, more importantly, what did you think of the Gravedigger's final moments? Do you think "The Bullet in the Brain" was a fitting finale to this what was ultimately five-season-long arc? Now that she's gone, who will be the Jeffersonian team's next evil adversary?

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