Bones is Doing a Jersey Shore-Themed Episode Next Week

I just wish Booth and Brennan would smush already.

Rush Limbaugh is making an appearance on Sunday's Family Guy—as himself. Here's a preview.

Saturday Night Live promos, NOW WITH MORE KANYE.

David Letterman asked Tom Selleck the big question: Where has he been all these years?

Okay, who loves the glasses that Justin Timberlake has been sporting lately? (I do.)

Last night, Stephen Colbert interviewed Aaron Sorkin, a.k.a. the most brilliant TV writer of all time. Not that I'm a fan or anything.

Joel McHale is lanky and lovable. Good call, Jimmy Kimmel.

I sort of hate it when celebrities talk about their kids, but Busy Philipps' story is actually pretty cute.


... I'm proud of you guys for not tuning in to Outsourced and $#*! My Dad Says last night, but why'd you have to go and kill My Generation, too?

... Outsourced might suck, but at least NBC is selling the fun novelty gifts they talk about on the show.

... Here's the problem with Sn00ki writing a book.

... Congress is still kinda pissed at Stephen Colbert.

... LA Times readers are still miffed about the Law & Order: Los Angeles-inspired fake front page. I would be, too.

... Comic-Con is staying in San Diego for at least five more years!

... Damon Lindelof had an idea for a show yesterday, but then it got canceled.

... Without The Flintstones and Bedrock, we never would have the pedal car or the elephant water cooler!

... I love the new cast photo for Lie to Me Season 3, but it just doesn't look the same without Mekhi Phifer.

... TV Without Pity wants you to watch Caprica.

... This is what the Lone Star stars should do next.

... Tina Fey had an awesome time last night on Watch What Happens.

... Glee's Brittany and Santana are this Jezebel writer's queer icons.

... If you want to get into Fringe, io9 suggests you watch these episodes.

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