Boston Legal is hiring

Boston Legal, the David E. Kelley legal drama that was moved off the schedule in order to try out surprise hit Grey's Anatomy, will return in the fall with several cast additions.

Julie Bowen, previously seen on Jake in Progress and Ed, will play Denise Bauer, a tough senior associate who won't let a messy personal life keep her from making partner. Justin Mentell will play Garrett Wells, an ambitious lawyer who needs to dial down the intensity, and Ryan Michelle Bathe , from ER, will portray junior associate Sara Holt, who graduated first in her class but has trouble applying books smarts to the real world of courtroom law. She should have watched last season's Apprentice.

Returning to the show will be James Spader, William Shatner, and Candice Bergen. It is unclear if Lake Bell will return, as she is appearing on NBC's underwater sci-fi drama Surface.

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