Boxsets To Help Your Bank Holiday Go By

By now you're most likely sick of blazing sunshine and commute-free days, and wondering how to fill yet another compulsory four-day break. We say, grab a boxset to help ease the tedium. But before you click "buy", check out's all-time top picks.

Battlestar Galactica
Basically, it's The West Wing in space. After Earth is destroyed, several thousand ship-dwellers create a micro-civilisation onboard an ancient but trusty vessel. They also fight Cylons (humanoids that evolved from robots) and over-use a made up swear word: ("Frack this", "What the frack?", "I'm thoroughly fracked off", etc). Give it five minutes and we promise you'll happily dedicate yourself to watching BSG in a single heady lump.
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Mad Men
If ever there was an "It" show, it's this drama about 1960s New York ad agency, Sterling Cooper. We fell for the frocks as well as Donald Draper (Jon Hamm), Mad Men's knee-meltingly handsome lead. Despite having a hot wife and adorable brood stashed in the suburbs, he can't help but try and seduce every other woman in mid-20th century Manhattan.
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The West Wing
Aaron Sorkin's White House drama followed the fictional administration of Democratic president Josiah "Jed" Bartlet (Martin Sheen). We got to glimpse the idealised inner workings of the Oval Office from 1999 until the show shut down after seven series in 2006. It's reasonably smart, utterly addictive and there's enough of it to fill a super-size bank holiday.

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The Big Bang Theory
The glass ceiling for fictional nerds usually kicks in around comedy sidekick. So it was a plucky leap to make four geeks the centre of their own sitcom. But The Big Bang Theory - now in its fourth season in the US - is easily the best of the recent studio audience sitcoms. Mainly, that’s thanks to one Sheldon Cooper (played by comic whiz Jim Parsons). The neurotic theoretical physicist shuns mess and coitus but likes sci-fi and a song about a soft, warm cat.
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Curb Your Enthusiasm
Only proper comedy geeks knew who Larry David was (the co-creator of Seinfeld, no less) before Curb, which he both writes and stars in, became a cult hit in 2000. The protagonist, a fictionalised version of David, is a high-functioning sociopath who accidentally persuades everyone he meets to despise him. It’s probably the funniest foreign sitcom of all time, so do your duty, fans of funny, and eat up the existing seven series before the eighth starts this summer.
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Peep Show
On the off chance that you're yet to sample this sitcom about flatmates Mark (David Mitchell) and Jez (Robert Webb), now's the time to right that heinous wrong. Mark's a cautious traditionalist who watches war documentaries for fun; Jeremy's a man-child with a vigorous sexual appetite but an aversion to reading and work. The juxtaposition of inadequate males is perfect, as is the joke construction. Thank you notes to writers Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain.
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