Brat Camp kids revisit lives of crime

Brat Camp, the reality series that sent nine unruly teenagers to a grueling wilderness survival program in hopes of rehabilitation, has failed to solve the behavior problems of at least two participants.

Jada Chabot, a 15-year-old "compulsive liar" who has dropped out of 11 schools in the past six years, finds herself in trouble again after injuring a Boston family in a boating accident. Chabot was at the helm of a speedboat, dragging her boyfriend on a kneeboard behind the craft, when she slammed directly into an inflatable raft sharing water space on a lake by her family's home.

"I thought we were all gonna die," said Agenor Moraes, the father of two girls who were hospitalized after being thrown from their raft during the accident. "She was looking at the guy she was pulling around. He yelled at her to watch, but she just kept looking at him."

Chabot, whose multiple charges include negligent operation of a boat, is quite remorseful after the incident. "I feel so embarrassed just walking around town," she claimed.

Isaiah Alarcon, another Brat Camp alum, is engaged in his own tangle with the law this summer. The 17-year-old "angry punk rocker" spent two days in a juvenile facility after he told police that he spray-painted racial slurs on the street outside the home of an African-American preschool teacher. He is charged with interfering with the exercise of civil rights and damaging property, and will appear at a hearing on Tuesday to determine whether he'll be charged as an adult.

According to Merced County Sheriff Mark Pazin, "These kids had some real serious issues that needed to be dealt with in a long-term process, not a multi-week TV program for entertainment."

ABC is currently airing Brat Camp on Wednesdays at 9:00pm ET.

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