Bravo wages War of the Wives

Cable net Bravo, known for Queer Eye and Kathy Griffin, has announced its new fall slate. From catty talk shows to catty reality competition, the cattiness can't get any cattier.

In Joan Rivers: Can We Dish?, the infamous red-carpet sniper and plastic surgery queen leads Bravo into the talk show arena. You'd think she would have a hard time getting guests after years of being mean to Hollywood folks, but Hollywood types tend to be publicity whores, so she'll do fine.

In addition to Joan Rivers, the network announced several new competition reality shows.

Each week in War of the Wives, two experts in their fields will teach two amateurs to do a difficult job, like stand-up comedy or cooking. Here's the catch--the amateurs are married to the experts! Marital bliss just went out the window, and was replaced by great viewing.

What kind of hairstylist show can you make after Blow Out and Queer Eye...a show called Queer Blow? No! In Heads Up, 16 of the most talented hairstylists in the country go "head to head" in weekly challenges. This show will give new meaning to the term "take some off the top."

Does owning your own bed and breakfast sound like a dream come true? Well, reality TV will make it seem like a nightmare. In The Inn Crowd, a "competition/docu-drama hybrid series" (that means it will be poignant), couples will compete for their own inn.

America needs a makeover, and Bravo will help her find one. In Top Decorator, contestants will face high-pressure interior design challenges, but only one lucky hopeful will reupholster themselves into the history books.

Through a series of weekly pressure-filled challenges testing creativity, ingenuity, and interpersonal skills, contestants will be competing for cash to start their own design firm and a spot in one of New York's finest designer showcases. Contestants will be drawn together from all walks of life and will possess a range of skills and training.

Bravo will also keep audiences laughing with a series of stand-up specials featuring Joan Rivers, Caroline Rhea, and Paula Poundstone.

"Bravo's ongoing success in delivering hit shows centers around unveiling the creative process through charismatic and talented personalities," said Lauren Zalaznick, president of Bravo. "Our shows are broadly entertaining, but also aspirational. And whether you love or hate them, our personalities are addictive to watch."

Love. Hate. Watch. Bravo.

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and that somebody is me!

Bravo Is The Devil!

Colin Is The Devil!
I think is going to be a hit
but somebody don't like it
Queer Eye is funny
oh Colin you crack me up

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