Breaking Bad Has a Return Date and a Talk Show

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The One Who Knocks, The One Who Says "Bitch," The One Who Has Mental Breakdowns in the Pool, The One Who Collects Rocks, The One You Better Call, and The One Who Eats Breakfast are returning this summer. AMC answered one of television's biggest questions today at its Upfront presentation, finally slapping a premiere date on the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad, the best television show in the universe. And that date is:

Sunday, August 11 at 9pm

The Emmy-winning show from creator Vince Gilligan has just eight more episodes left in its run, and depending how you look at it, they either comprise the second half of Season 5 or the entirety of Season 6. Personally, I'm calling it Season 6. Assuming Breaking Bad airs uninterrupted for eight straight weeks, that would place the series finale on September 29.

AMC also officially announced the post-show talk show Talking Bad, in the vein of AMC's Talking Dead. The half-hour series will air immediately after new episodes of Breaking Bad and feature panelists rapping about what atrocities they just saw Walter White commit and breaking down the power struggle in the driveway of the White household. No host has been announced, but I'm hoping it's the actor who plays Skinny Pete. However, my guess would be Steven Michael Quezada, who plays agent Steven Gomez and also hosts an actual talk show in Albuquerque called The After After Party.

No dessert until you answer these QUESTIONS:

– What are you calling the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad? Season 5? Season 5.5? Season 6? 

– Is Talking Bad a good idea? 

– Is Talking Bad a good name? What about Speaking Bad? What about Bad Talk? What about I'm the One Who Talks? Let's hear your ideas.

– Who should host Talking Bad

– How awesome is that picture of Walter White at the top of this page? He looks like a really nice guy.

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