Breaking Bad Is Cookin' Up Season 4

… The body that fell during Breaking Bad's tense Season 3 finale is still warm, but the series as a whole is far from dead. AMC has renewed the program for a fourth season, ensuring that Walter White's war with his boss is far from over. I think I speak for everyone when I say… "Heck yeah!" [Deadline Hollywood]

… Oh come on, you know you can't get enough of nightvision video footage of things that may or not be ghosts. SyFy ordered a seventh season of Ghost Hunters this weekend, ensuring that we'll still have plenty of hours of television where nothing really happens. [The Live Feed]

… Lifetime's Army Wives is apparently a big hit (relatively speaking), and the female-centric network is building on it with a spin-off show. Said spin-off, which doesn't yet have a name, will actually air first as an episode of Army Wives (just like NCIS: LA did with NCIS), and has tapped Gabrielle Union as its lead. She'll play the partner of Army Wives character Brigid Brannagh, who may branch off as well. [The Live Feed]

… If you're a Better Off Ted fan, you're also a Boston Celtics fan. The final episodes of the canceled comedy that should never have been canceled in the first place are due to air this Thursday on ABC. However, if the NBA Finals goes to a game seven, it will bump Ted to another time. So, root for the Celtics to close it out tomorrow, or go out and break Kobe Bryant's leg. [Post Gazette]

… America finally has World Cup fever. The world's greatest sporting event (besides the World Series, the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Championship, the PGA Championship, your family's yearly Memorial Day horseshoes tourney, and your elementary school's annual Candyland throwdown) has seen its ratings double from the 2006 Cup, averaging 4.9 million viewers. It looks like ABC and ESPN are well underway to meeting their goooooooooooooooal! [The Live Feed]

… And finally, for all you nerds out there, HBO has finally released a teaser for its upcoming epic fantasy series Game of Thrones. Enjoy:

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