Breaking Bad: Watch the First New (And Super Short) Footage of Season 5 (VIDEO)

What was the best part of last night's Mad Men finale? The new footage of fellow AMC hit Breaking Bad, of course! After a fairly useless behind-the-scenes featurette, some mysterious phone calls, and endless Twitter hype, the network has finally released some real new footage of Season 5.

Okay, it's not a lot of new footage (I've had farts that lasted longer than that clip), clocking in at about 10 seconds' worth of actual material, but let's glean what we can from it. Unless Walter has been having breathing problems or is trying out some Nelly-inspired bandage fashion, it looks like Season 5 picks up right after the explosive events of Season 4. And obviously Walter's criminal lawyer Saul Goodman is still in the picture despite almost cutting ties with Walter toward the end of Season 4. It also appears that Walter's Heisenbergification is still a go, continuing his transformation from chemistry schlub to drug overlord.

"We're done when I say we're done," is about as cliché as it gets, but coming out of Bryan Cranston's mouth, it's pretty ferocious.

Breaking Bad Season 5 debuts July 15 on AMC.

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