Breaking Bad's Latest Final-season Goodies: Promo Shots, Episode Stills, and a Highlight Reel from Comic-Con (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

The Albuquerque dawn of Breaking Bad's final run is less than three weeks away. Three weeks! But until recently, AMC had only released some teeny-tiny teaser clips, a poster, and... not much else. Then, just as we were packing up to leave for Comic-Con last week, the network hit us with a ton of new photos—and now that we've returned from San Diego, I've finally had time to compile them for your viewing pleasure.

First up, lots of desert-set character portraits, most of them sepia-toned or otherwise Instagram-filtered and all of them very intense:

Breaking Bad's Final Season (PHOTOS)

Basically, there's a lotta staring going on. People staring into the camera, people staring at each other, people staring into the middle distance... looks to me like everybody just needs to relax

But on a more serious note, there are a couple things I want to point out: As far as "props" are concerned, there aren't many to speak of. But: Skyler and W.W. seem to be sharing quite a moment over a shovel—what are they burying, do you think?—and holy crap Jesse I'm sorry will you please put down that gun? It's interesting that Mr. Pinkman holds the honor of "most threatening-looking pose," isn't it? If you're so inclined, let's hear what you think the more "telling" pictures mean in the comments. 

And now it's time for round two. Here are a 15 stills (including a couple behind-the-scenes shots) from Season 5, Episode 9 (or Season 6, Episode 1, if you'd rather), which carries the title of "Blood Money" and will presumably pick up sometime after Hank's toilet epiphany:

Breaking Bad Season 5, Episode 9 (PHOTOS)

Hmm. Heavy on the Saul, and Jesse looks like he's pretty down in the dumps. What do you think's going on?

Finally, as you may have anticipated if you listened to our Comic-Con Day 3 wrap-up podcast, we unfortunately weren't able to attend the Breaking Bad panel on Sunday. But for whatever reason, AMC didn't release a full-on new trailer, opting instead to offer a highlight reel covering many of the series' best moments so far. Kind of disappointing as far as new stuff is concerned, but it at least serves as a helpful refresher... not that many of you will need it (we're all doing re-watches to prepare for the homestretch, right?).

However, while from an "official" standpoint that's all AMC had to show on Sunday, panel attendees were treated to a bit of new footage. Apparently the network previewed the cold open of "Blood Money," and while it hasn't made its way to the internet in a "legal" capacity, a fellow fan has provided the following stitched-together-via-Instagram clip for those who want a taste:

Speculation time, it is now.

Breaking Bad's final eight episodes will premiere Sunday, August 11 on AMC.

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