Breaking Bad's New Promo Poster Crowns a King

Joffrey, you have company! AMC's new poster art for the upcoming season of Breaking Bad has declared a new king. I'm not one to get excited over glorified Photoshops that call themselves "posters" (if I can't roll it up or hang it on my wall it's not a poster), but this one's pretty good.

There's our man Walter White, just chillin' in a foldable lawn chair with two of his favorite things: millions of dollars in meth and millions of dollars in dollars. But it's the tagline that's the key here. For four seasons we've followed Walter's slow transformation from skittish chemistry teacher to ruthless drug overlord, and we always figured he'd one day ascend to kingpin status, where he can enjoy all the rewards that come with it for about a week before the next up-and-comer knocks him off and the Circle of Thug Life continues. CAN'T. WAIT.

And as an extra bonus for your click, here's the latest in a series of Breaking Bad posters by acclaimed artists (these ones are REAL posters). The one below comes from Chris DeLorenzo and is a Yellow Pages spoof on Saul Goodman's services, but it's already sold out. More posters will be announced soon at Breaking Gifs.

Breaking Bad Season 5 premieres July 15 on AMC.

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