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BSG withdrawal cure: new Caprica clips

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It's okay, relax, we're going to make it through this together. Battlestar Galactica ended its excellent four-year run last Friday, but life will go on sayeth the gods. While we wait for the Battlestar mini-movies to be released, let's not forget about Caprica-- the Battlestar prequel series.

The series isn't set to debut on television until 2010, but the two-hour pilot/telemovie is coming out on DVD next month. To promote the disc, seven clips of the pilot have been released online.

Caprica is a drama about the origins of the Cylons and the bitter battle between two familes--the Adamas and the Graystones--as they take opposite sides on the artificial-human debate.

I advise you to watch them all over at Movieweb to make a decision yourself, but frankly, they didn't make me too excited for the series. Let's hope Ron D. Moore has something up his sleeve for this.

What did you think of the clips?

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