Bunheads "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons" Review: Sparks Fly

Bunheads S01E09: "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons"

Sean Gunn!

I just have to start off by shouting his name from the rooftops. Sean Gunn, Kirk on Gilmore Girls, made his Bunheads debut this week as Bash—short for Sebastian. Bash is an award-winning barista and a fussy pain in the ass: I didn’t care much for the character, but with Gunn in the role, I wouldn’t mind having him back. He’s just so good at playing weird. Also, the more Gilmore Girls actors show up, the more this starts to feel like some bizarre alternate reality spin-off—like Lost’s sideways universe in Season 6.

But I digress. "No One Takes Khaleesi's Dragons" was kind of about Bash and his painstakingly slow approach to coffee, but it was really more about relationships, particularly new ones. Boo and Carl. Ginny and Charlie. Michelle and Godot. All of these potential pairings got off to rocky starts: I’m pretty sure they’re going to happen in upcoming episodes, but it might be a little rough getting there. Yes, even for someone as smooth as Godot.

I’m saddest for Boo and Carl, because they’re adorable, and dammit, I just want these two crazy kids to make it work. But Carl spent most of the episode being grumpy because Boo’s friends had treated him so poorly (I don’t blame him), and then as soon as the would-be couple shared their first kiss, Boo had to go and start crying about Charlie. On the one hand, I’m glad Bunheads isn’t just dropping Boo’s Charlie obsession because she’s found someone else—that’s not how crushes work. On the other, what the hell does she see in Melanie’s tool brother? Carl is infinitely more charming.

Realistically, though, Boo is going to make a total mess of the first real shot she has at a relationship, because she’s a spaz and she’s also a kid. I love that the girls on Bunheads behave like actual teenage girls: It’s annoying sometimes, just the way that actual teenagers are annoying sometimes (always). You can’t do anything but watch them make stupid mistakes and get emotional about it—maybe you wish you could shake them, or maybe you remember what you were like when you were a teenager and you judge them a little less harshly. We were that dumb once. A lot of us still are!

I wasn’t as thrilled about Ginny and Charlie, if only because she’s way too good for him. Again, nice to see teenage girls behaving as teenage girls, but Ginny went from zero to spaz pretty quickly, didn’t she? (Everyone in this episode was unusually clumsy. Remember when Michelle basically destroyed Bash’s coffee shop?) At the same time, she’s been in a relationship for so long that she has no actual experience dating, so it makes sense that she would freak out that much over the first boy to like her. And I felt like Melanie was awfully hard on her: Ginny didn’t exactly seem in control of her emotions, or she would have done a lot less flailing.

And then there’s Michelle and Godot. Sweet, simple Godot. Like I said when he first appeared, I think this guy is kind of a nothing character, but he’s cute and he has a really nice smile, and honestly Michelle deserves to get laid by someone that attractive. There, I said it. I fully don’t care if they have a series-spanning Luke and Lorelei romance: I just think they should maybe make out a little. And as much as I think he’s full of nonsense surfer platitudes, his advice about living in the moment is good, if generic. Michelle spent a lot of the episode fixated on her career—which, let’s face it, isn’t going anywhere right now. She needs to focus on making the best of her life in Paradise, then worry about what the future holds.

There was more that I enjoyed about the episode: Sasha’s cynicism destroying the cheerleading team, Fanny describing brunch, the episode title being “No One Takes Khaleesi’s Dragons.” (This seemed like a weird thing for Michelle to say, but who cares? A Game of Thrones reference is always welcome.) Mostly, though, I’m looking forward to next week’s summer finale—I want some of those almost-couples to get a little closer.


– Who will be the first couple to make it official: Boo and Carl, Ginny and Charlie, or Michelle and Godot?

– Does Boo have a right to be upset about Ginny liking Charlie back?

– How long would you wait for really amazing coffee?

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