Burn Notice Exclusive Clip: See the Westen Bros. Argue Over Bedbugs and Anson (VIDEO)

According to the official synopsis of tonight's new episode of Burn Notice, "Shock Wave," "Michael finally gets a solid lead on Anson, but the plan to get Fiona out of prison hits a snag when an MI-6 agent tries to prevent her release." (There's also something about Sam and Barry getting trapped in a beach house—ruh-roh!) And thanks to our friends at USA Network, we've got a last-minute exclusive sneak peek to tide you over until airtime. Here are the good ol' Westen Bros. butting heads over how Nate handles a "situation" at the motel where they're supposed to meet Anson. You know, sometimes we forget how funny this show can be. UPDATE: Here's our review of what turned out to be a not-so-funny episode after all. :(

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9pm on USA Network. Meet us back here tomorrow to talk about tonight's episode!

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