Bye-bye Bionic, Battlestar

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The dominoes continue to fall as a result of the current Writers Guild of America strike. Although some shows, such as The Office and 30 Rock, shut down almost immediately, other programs keep on trucking because they still have a few scripts in the tank.

The ripples of the Hollywood rift have reached far beyond Southern California. Previous reports about endangered Canadian productions have now been confirmed by the Canadian affiliate of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). Among the shows presently shuttered are NBC's Bionic Woman and Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica, according to The Vancouver Sun.

The two shows, which shut down last Friday and yesterday, respectively, employed approximately 200 people. More employees of the industry working in Canada are expected to be without work as other shows inevitably halt production while the strike continues.

According to vice president of the Canadian branch of the AMPTP Don Cott, the end is in sight for several shows. He estimates that Aliens in America and Reaper will stop production later this month, Supernatural will stop filming in early December, Men in Trees will shoot through mid-January, and Smallville will continue production through January 23. Psych, The 4400, and Kyle XY have all already gone dark.

The rise of the Canadian dollar and simultaneous plummeting of the American dollar are also causing complications. The Canadian dollar was valued evenly with the US dollar in mid-September and has continued to rise, reversing the idea of US studios opting for cheaper filming north of the border.

In response, several companies, such as hotels and equipment renters, are offering a one-for-one exchange rate to studios to keep the cameras rolling.

For more on the writers strike, check out's Strike Source, featuring up-to-date statuses on shows, the latest information, and more.

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