Call for Submissions: Your Top TV Moments of 2013

Seasons greetings, readers! In honor of Black Friday, boy do we have a VERY special deal for you: If you comment on this post and tell us what you thought were the best things about television in 2013, we'll not only love you forever, we might even include your submission in the internet's favorite end-of-the-year spectacular,'s annual Top 100 Everything list! What's more, taking advantage of this limited-time offer does NOT require leaving your house. It does NOT require waking up super early and standing in line for hours in the dark, only to risk being stampeded by hundreds of shoppers clamoring for sale-priced electronics. And you know what else? Technically, it doesn't even require you to wear pants! Basically, it's an offer you can't—or at least shouldn't—refuse.  

All of which is to say that preparations for the sixth—holy cow SIXTH—annual Top 100 Everything list officially begin today. That's right, folks: Once again, we'll spend the last days of December reliving the most excellent television moments of 2013.

But of course, selecting the 100 most amazing things about TV from a entire year's worth of the stuff is no small task. And thus we'd like to know: What do you think should make our list for 2013?

Thing big, think small, think awesome: If it happened on (or had something to do with) TV this year, it counts. Seriously—from a brilliant new character to a particularly hilarious commercial to an all-around flawless episode of your favorite show to... well, you get the idea. So help us out, won't you? 

Post your nominees in the comments, and then check back on Tuesday, December 17 for the first installment of this year's list!

P.S. You can check out last year's entire Top 100 Everything here

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