Call for Submissions: Your Top TV Moments of 2014

Seasons greetings, readers! The holidays are a time for traditions, and around these parts, the day after Thanksgiving means two things: 

1. The editorial staff is totally incapacitated due to turkey overload.

2. It's time to break ground on our annual Top 100 Everything list!

It's true: The year is basically over. Lots of shows are about to sign off and retreat to Hiatusville until Jaunary (or later), and as the repeats start to roll in, will join in the time-honored internet ritual of compiling a bunch of year-end lists. We'll write lists about the best TV of 2014! We'll write lists about the worst TV of 2014! And as part of the whole spectacle, we'll unveil the greatest list of them all:'s Top 100 Everything of 2014.

That's right, folks: Once again, we'll spend the last days of December reliving the most excellent small-screen moments of the last 365 days. And as of now, preparations for this year's countdown are officially underway.

Of course, selecting the 100 most amazing things about television from an entire year's worth of the stuff is no small task. And that's where you come in, dear reader: What do YOU think should make our Top 100 Everything list for 2014?

Think big, think small, think awesome: If it happened on (or had something to do with) TV in 2014, it counts. Seriously—from a brilliant new character to a particularly hilarious commercial to an all-around flawless episode of your favorite show to... well, you get the idea. So help us out, won't you?

Post your nominees in the comments, and then keep an eye out for the first installment of this year's list!

P.S. You can check out last year's Top 100 Everything here.