Cameron Diaz victorious in lawsuit

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John Rutter, the photographer who took topless photos of actress Cameron Diaz in 1992, has been convicted of forgery, attempted grand theft, and perjury in a lawsuit leveled against him by Diaz. Rutter will be sentenced on September 15 and could face up to six years in prison for his crimes.

During the trial, Rutter admitted that Diaz's signature on the release form associated with the photos was forged. He also confessed to demanding a $3.5 million payment from Diaz and threatening to release the photos around the world--coinciding with the 2003 release of her film Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle--if she didn't comply within two days. Diaz testified that Rutter told her of buyers that planned to use the photos in a magazine, bus ad, and billboard smear campaign that would portray her as a "bad angel."

Diaz claims to have proposed a deal in which the photos would be displayed only at art galleries, with some of the proceeds going to charity, but Rutter refused. It now seems that the photos, which portray Diaz clad only in fishnet stockings and leather boots, will never see the light of day.

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