Camp Orange king of the kids

Luke and Wyatt are having a ball hosting Nickelodeon's wildly popular kids' show.

If MasterChef Australia is a winner with family audiences, then Camp Orange is possibly king of the kids on pay TV.

The Astra Award-winning show returned for its fifth season this week with new hosts Nova presenters Luke and Wyatt. It pulled a big 21.9 per cent of 5-12 year olds, the target demographic for the Nickelodeon channel, the highest share among both pay TV and free-to-air channels for that age group.

It's no surprise. The mix of crazy challenges and zany activities at "Castle Mountain" is tempting stuff.

"It's totally out of control with the amped-up challenges, pranks, prizes, mud and slime!," says Wyatt. "We can't divulge too much, 'cos it's all pretty much top secret but we can tell you that having surprise celebrity guest The Commando (from The Biggest Loser) visit us at Castle Mountain was super-awesome. He visited in the first episode and will make a return in the finale to help the Campers prepare for the ultimate Mega-Challenge.

"Also keep an eye out for the 'Wrong Town Dinners' -- they're not very good."

Sometimes the stunt filming gets a little hairy, but Luke says the show takes extra care because of the kids involved.

"This year has much more extreme stunts than previous years -- such as abseiling down a cliff -- but the safety dudes were on hand to make sure it was all extra safe," he says.

The cast comprises of eight kids from NSW, Queensland and Victoria, selected from over 2000 applicants. The four teams are determined to defeat one another in the bid for the series title.

Says Wyatt, "The Mighty Melbournians had trouble keeping their pants from falling down, which was pretty funny. Even better was them realising it was funny when it happened, so they left them down for comic effect. Oh, and Luke wakes up one morning on a lilo on the river ... a bit a pranking goes on at Camp Orange!"

"Don't forget when I turned you blue! Definitely the funniest and most genius of pranks," adds Luke.

Luke says the pair will be doing more with Nickelodeon.

"We're doing another show for Nickelodeon called Kids' Choice TV, which will be four episodes on Friday nights leading up to the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in October, so that’s pretty exciting -- it will integrate competitions and kids, and they'll get to have a say on certain inclusions in the KCA show. It will be the ultimate buzz-building destination for all things KCA! We also do a radio show on Nova on Sunday nights which is super-ace-times."

Adds Wyatt, "Also I am happy to report that my matchbox Endeavour is finally complete, so now I’m building the Batavia. Soon I'll have the whole fleet!"

Camp Orange: Castle Mountain airs Tuesdays at 5pm on Nickelodeon.

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