Can Jerry Seinfeld Save Your Marriage?

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Wouldn't it be great if you could ask a comedian about your relationship problems? After all, Tina Fey's character Liz Lemon offered some pretty sound advice to complete strangers on 30 Rock ("That's a dealbreaker, ladies!").

Well, that dream is nearly a reality -- actually, a reality show. And what better comedian (besides Fey, of course) to to spearhead the effort? Why, Jerry Seinfeld, of course. Seinfeld and entertainment company Endemol have teamed up to distribute The Marriage Ref, which was originally Seinfeld's idea and bourne out of a marital spat at home. The show is set to debut on NBC in March 2010 after the Winter Olympics.

A silly show about people's little problems seems to be right up his alley -- it's familiar territory, but hopefully The Marriage Ref will offer a new twist on it, especially with Seinfeld hosting. Seinfeld clarified to The New York Times that the show would be more comedy than reality, which will inevitably allow his real personality to shine through on camera.

The last time Jerry Seinfeld came out of hibernation was the first time we saw him since Seinfeld went off the air. Remember? He made an animated film called Bee Movie and it totally flopped despite some critical acclaim. Granted, he made a kid's film with a background in grownup comedy, which is not really an instant formula for success. Our memories of Seinfeld are thus limited to the grand success of his sitcom and the comparative failure of his movie.

The Marriage Ref seems to have everything going for it -- America loves Seinfeld, America loves TV, America loves reality shows and America loves hearing about other people's relationships. Let's hope that we're all very happy together.

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