Cancel everything, the World Cup is here!

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Football-mad Santo Cilauro will be hell to live with for the next month, glued to SBS.

Santo has cancelled just about everything in his diary for the next month, in readiness for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He is hungry for some 32 days of wall-to-wall football, and nothing is going to stop him.

"I've cancelled my family for the month. I told them I think there's some cheap fights to Fiji. They might go to Mt Buller for the week, but I said 'Get out of the house!'" he laughs. "I'm not going to be much company come daytime."

Cilauro, best known for the Working Dog productions The Panel, Frontline and The Hollowmen, will be joined by Ed Kavalee (TV Burp) and Sam Pang (Eurovision Song Contest, ADbc) for a nightly live discussion on SBS.

With many of the games on in the wee hours of the morning he is steeling himself for a punishing, but fever-pitch, routine.

"It's a real ritual for us down here to wake up in the middle of the night, cold house, put the heater on, get some toast, have your friends come over. I've missed that having been at the World Cup for the last three," he said.

"To see Australia play at the last one, it doesn't get better than that. In fact, seeing Australia play Italy in a final stage ... one of the reasons I didn't go back this year was I just figured I don't think I can top that -- other than Australia getting into a Semi or a Final."

Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever will broadcast before a live audience every night of the competition from Federation Square in Melbourne. It marks the first SBS production by Working Dog and will complement coverage from the SBS team on the ground in South Africa.

"The pressure is slightly off. We're going to air at 8:30 every night, but if we were on a commercial network there would be all this pressure of 'Is this going to work? Is there an appetite for it?'

"But we're not at the grown-ups table. Les Murray will still be doing his stuff. We go on half an hour before him. So I feel like we're in a really good position here.

"It's a great studio too. I cannot believe it hasn't been used for broadcast. I think it may be the first time SBS has gone live with any kind of entertainment show," he says.

Cilauro says the Socceroos, who have filmed some segments for the show before they departed for South Africa, could better their performance this time round.

"But that depends on a couple of players: Tim Cahill, Michael Schwarzer and, most importantly, on Harry Kewell. If Harry can be fit and those other two boys can be at the top of their game I have no doubt that we can go further."

Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever airs nightly at 8:30pm on SBS ONE from Friday, June 11th.

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