Caprica coming to DVD first

With Battlestar Galactica riding off into the sunset this year, devoted fans of the series will be turning their attention to Caprica, the Battlestar successor that's actually a prequel. Fortunately they won't have to wait as long as they thought thanks to an early DVD release of the show.

The feature-length Caprica pilot will be released on DVD light years before it's on television, Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced late last week. Featuring the uncut and unrated version of the first episode, the DVD will be released on April 21 for the retail price of $26.98.

By the time Sci-Fi Channel actually premieres the futuristic Caprica, it may also be set in modern times. The genre network will take its time getting Caprica on the air, with a premiere date scheduled for 2010--but it's because, like the Cylons, they have a plan.

"We wanted to give [fans] a chance to see the pilot in its original form and experience the prequel to the BSG story while that series’ finale was still ringing in their ears," said Sci-Fi's vice president of original programming Mark Stern. "It also affords the creative team an unprecedented chance to get viewers feedback before production on the Caprica series begins this summer."

Are you going to dive into Caprica early, or will you wait to watch them altogether?

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