Caprica is on!

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Creating the Cylons 101, coming to a television set near you.

Battlestar Galacti-geeks got a heap of good news yesterday during the Sci-Fi Channel's press confab in New York City. No, it's not another season of Battlestar Galactica--the upcoming fourth season is still its last--but it's almost as good.

The long-rumored BSG prequel Caprica is no longer rumor; it's science fact. [Editor's note: called it yesterday afternoon!] Fans familiar with Battlestar's "The Cylons were created by man" intro (well duh, have you seen Sharon and Number Six?) will finally get to see it happen. Sci-Fi has given the go-ahead on a two-hour Caprica pilot; if it's successful, it will likely be turned into a series.

Caprica, named after the giant rock that much of the Galactica crew called home before it was blown to smithereens by supersmart robots, will take place about half a century before the beginning of BSG. It will follow two rival families, the Adamas (sound familiar?) and the Greystones, as they compete with each other and make breakthroughs in robotics that ultimately lead to the creation of the Cylons, or "toasters" if you want to be derogatory.

Battlestar creators Ronald D. Moore and David Eick will produce the Moore-written pilot, with Friday Night Lights' director Jeff Reiner behind the camera. Sci-Fi has not announced a release date for the telefilm, but production begins this spring.

Head over to the Caprica showspace and let the discussions begin!

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