Cartoon Network announces new shows

Cartoon Network yesterday announced its lineup of new and returning shows for 2007.

Santo tells the action packed adventures of a Mexican wrestler who fights crime.

The magical misadventures of a young chef's apprentice as he enters into the fantastic city of Marzipan are the subject of Chowder. The show features the voice acting of Carl Greenblatt, aka Fred Fredburger on The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

The Secret Saturdays is a comedy action series about a family of world-saving adventure scientists. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, a new comedy series about a pirate and a talking whale, is created by Thurop Van Ormon. Re-Animated will debut as a show this summer after premiering as a movie last year.

"Cartoon Network Invaded" will feature an alien invasion that crosses over into the shows Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy, My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Camp Lazlo, and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Original series Ben 10 will get a live-action movie directed by Alex Winter.

A new series of profiles called Props will begin in the summer, in which the accomplishments of 16 amazing kids are featured on-air and online. Viewers will determine six finalists by voting, or giving props, to their favorites online in a face-off challenge.

The network also will roll out CallToons, a new media initiative that lets mobile phone users replace functions such as ringtones with entertaining voice and sound provided by the users' favorite Cartoon Network character, with changing messages based on real-time information and user input.

The network also sneak peeked its massively multiplayer online game, scheduled for 2008, and announced that the hit series Class of 3000 will return for a second season.

Last week, Cartoon Network chief Jim Samples resigned due to a bomb scare in Boston that was marketing Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

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