Cartoon Network Is Remaking ThunderCats

... Remakes... HOOOOOOOOO! Cartoon Network has decided that meow is the time to give one of the most cherished '80s cartoons another go and will remake/re-imagine/re-envision/re-hack ThunderCats, the original furries. Lion-O and company will come back to tell the tale of Lion-O's rise to power and why they're so crazy over catnip. Normally something like this would upset me, but the picture actually looks kind of cool! (Right?) Aren't they supposed to be making a movie also? [The Live Feed]

... In "It's About Time News," NBC boss Jeff Zucker, whom many blame for the network's rapid downfall, is finally packing his bags and leaving. Zucker will make his exit a few months after the network is officially sold to Comcast. But he's not done fleecing NBC yet. His departure package is believed to be somewhere in the $30 to $40 million range. Job well done, Jeff! [NY Post]

... Despite last week's results, we can all agree that Crystal Bowersox is a much better American Idol than Lee DeWyze (or so I've heard; I don't watch the show). But what about Bowersox versus David Cook? Or Bowersox versus Bo Bice? Or Bowersox versus that other guy? The Los Angeles Times took time out from reporting on important stuff to put together this list of the top 120 American Idols of all-time. And yes, William Hung is on it. [LA Times]

... And here's some more American Idol news, because you just can't get enough: The reality competition has been on the downslope for a few seasons, but now we have financial proof. Both DeWyze and Bowersox have sold only about half as many downloads as last year's Kris Allen and Adam Lambert at the same time last year. Why? Because people are all [Lady] Gaga over Glee. [USA Today]

... The upcoming HBO comedy Tilda, about a Hollywood blogger trying to expose the town for what it is, is assembling a very impressive cast. In addition to Diane Keaton, Ellen Page, and Wes Bentley, the show has now scooped up Jason Patric. Keep an eye on this one. [Deadline Hollywood]

... CBS' CSI is making one cast member MIA. Actress Liz Vassey, who plays lab tech Wendy, won't be returning for the series' eleventh season. Her contract was not renewed because "the show is going in a different creative direction" according to an insider. Will you miss her? [EW]

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