Cast updates: 24, Daisies, Bang

Jack Bauer has a new enemy to confront in the upcoming season of 24--actress Annie Wersching. The redhead has landed the new female lead in the Fox political thriller and will be in "an adversarial relationship" with Kiefer Sutherland's character, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Her official Web site says her character's name will be Agent Renee Walker.

Wersching has several television shows in her acting portfolio, including stints on Supernatural, Cold Case, and Star Trek: Enterprise. However, the bulk of her experience comes from the soap opera circuit, where she plays Amelia Joffe on General Hospital.

Bob Gunton, who played Secretary of Defense Ethan Kanin in three episodes last season, is a signature away from returning to the show. In the upcoming season, Gunton's character has been promoted to chief of staff to the show's new female president.

24 has been very active lately; late last week the Reporter also noted that Jeffrey Nordling (Dirt) and John Billingsley (The Nine) were added to the show as a regular and a recurring, respectively. The week before, Fox announced that comedian Janeane Garofalo was also joining the cast as an FBI agent.

Heroes fans saddened to see Hiro Nakamura's redheaded waitress crush Charlie get Sylar-ed will get an opportunity to see her face again in ABC's Pushing Daisies, says E! Online's Kristin Veitch. Actress Jayma Hays, who also plays another character named Charlie on Ugly Betty, will reportedly be featured in one episode as Elsita, the previously announced windmill worker in the quirky ABC "forensic fairy tale." Pushing Daisies makes its series premiere October 3.

Finally, there will be a Roseanne reunion on CBS' new comedy The Big Bang Theory, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The trade is claiming that Sara Gilbert will join the new show for a multiepisode arc that will see her reunite with Johnny Galecki. The pair played a couple who eventually married in the popular mid-1990s sitcom.

Gilbert will once again play a love interest for Galecki's character, nerdy physicist Leonard. It may not go as well as it did on Roseanne though, as the Reporter says the two coworkers "attempt to date." The Big Bang Theory debuts on September 24.

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