Cast updates: Doomsday for Smallville

There have been a lot of cast updates regarding Smallville recently, as the show has been shaken up with departures going into its final season. One of the biggest moves has been the exit of Michael Rosenbaum, who played the bald villain Lex Luthor.

But in order to maintain a dramatic balance of good and evil, producers have decided to add a new villain for the upcoming eighth season. And not just any cookie-cutter, just...THE GUY WHO KILLED SUPERMAN!

The previously revealed role of Doomsday (and his alter-ego--the easy-going paramedic Davis Bloome), a character who sends Superman to meet his maker in the comics, will be played by Sam Witwer. Witwer will be a familiar face to science-fiction fans; he played Crashdown in Battlestar Galactica, and has had roles in JAG, Dexter, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Also joining Smallville is Cassidy Freeman, who will play Luthor's successor Tess Mercer. A previous casting call noted that she would her powers of seduction on Clark, and that she was "brilliantly manipulative and dangerously sinister." Freeman was previously attached to the TV pilot Austin Golden Hour.

NBC has announced a replacement for moderator of Meet the Press left vacant by the sudden loss of previous host Tim Russert. Longtime NBC news anchor Tom Brokaw will begin his stint on the show on June 29, reports Bloomberg. Brokaw will man the post through the November presidential election, after which further decisions on the show will presumably be made.

In other casting news, Alfre Woodard has signed on to NBC's My Own Worst Enemy, the upcoming drama starring Christian Slater. The Hollywood Reporter says Woodard will play the boss of Slater, who is a top-secret spy. Woodard, an Oscar nominee, has an extensive list of television and film credits, and recently appeared on ABC's Desperate Housewives as Betty Applewhite.

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