Cast updates: Fred Savage is back

Actor Fred Savage, who will forever be connected to cute-as-button Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years, has done a great job avoiding the pitfalls of the child actor from Hollywood. While he hasn't gained as much fame from another role since Wonder Years, he also hasn't held up one single liquor store or starred in any soft porn, a true testament to his character.

In fact, he has made a career in all aspects of television and film, doing voice acting for several cartoons, starring in shows such as Crumbs and Working, as well as bit parts in Austin Powers 3 and The Rules of Attraction (Kevin Arnold shooting heroin? Hilarious!). More recently, he's gone behind the camera to direct episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Aliens in America.

Now Savage will return to being in front of the camera in the new CBS pilot Single White Millionaire, says The Hollywood Reporter. Savage will play the lead, a wealthy man in his 30s looking to settle down.

After several supporting roles, blonde starlet Amy Smart is finally sitting in the front seat of a television show. Smart will headline The Meant to Be's, a CBS drama about recently deceased souls stuck in Purgatory who, in order to get to heaven, must help the living follow their destiny.

Smart was previously seen in the short-lived Smith, the action flick Crank, and caught most men's eyes for the first time in Road Trip.

Carpoolers' Jerry O'Connell is riding shotgun for an episode with Samantha Who?, says O'Connell will play "someone from Samantha's past" in the show, due to air April 28. ABC has yet to determine the fate of Carpoolers.

Elsewhere, Fox's Spaced (or "McSpaced" as those faithful to the source material call it) has rounded out its main players, adding MadTV alum Will Sasso in Nick Frost's role and Federico Dordei as a neighbor to the main characters.

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