Cast updates: Lost's Perrineau finds new job

Note: spoilers from last week's fourth-season finale follow. Read at your own risk!

Thursday's fourth-season Lost finale gave viewers a lot of what is expected from a serial-drama ending another chapter: big fights, high drama, and of course, deaths. While there were no clear-cut fatalities like Charlie Pace's (Dominic Monaghan) in last season's finale, at least one major character was aboard an ocean freighter when a whole lot of C4 exploded, likely sealing his fate as a goner.

Maligned castaway Michael Dawson, played by Harold Perrineau, is almost certainly dead (well, as dead as one can be on Lost), and if anyone needed more proof, they only need to look at the following bit of news.

Perrineau has signed on to star in the ABC pilot The Unusuals as Detective Leo Banks, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Unusuals is a comedy-drama hybrid about New York City police detectives, and Perrineau's character will allegedly be an uptight cop who thinks he's at risk of dying on the beat.

In other Perrineau news, the new father (his wife just gave birth to a girl late last week) dished on his exit from Lost, raising some eyebrows because of certain comments. The actor wanted a better exit from the show, voicing his displeasure to Entertainment Weekly that his character never made amends to the rest of the Losties for betraying them.

Perrineau wasn't the only actor sticking with the network that brought him/her fame. Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall has struck a deal with HBO to star in the new show Sensitive Skin, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Cattrall won't stray too far from her role as Samantha on Sex. Her character is described as a middle-aged woman who rediscovers her sexuality. The comedy is an adaptation of the British program of the same name.

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